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Kusamono or Shitakusa

"Kusamono (literally "grass thing") and Shitakusa (literally "under grass") are a potted collection of plants designed to either be viewed in accompaniment with bonsai, or alone. Normally the term Kusamono is used when the planting is displayed as the center of attention, while the term Shitakusa is used for plantings that accompany bonsai displays. In contrast to under plantings (which are potted in with the bonsai), Kusamono and Shitakusa are displayed separately in special pots, driftwood, or even stones."

I find this definition to be the clearest. It should be noted that although the terms literally refer to grasses, a huge variety of plants are now used in both Kusamono and Shitakusa. Some of my favorites are Native Wild Flowers, Bog plants, Herbs, and Ferns. Combining these plants with just the right pot or stone or driftwood is a pleasure.

I like nothing more than sharing this passion with others. I am happy to conduct workshops with clubs on making Kusamono and Shitakusa. Each workshop can hold up to 12 participants. I provide pots, plants, soil, whatever is needed for that particular type of workshop. The fee is $25 per participant plus travel expenses. Those interested in doing a workshop should contact me through [email protected]
Three types of workshops to choose from:
  • Kusamono/Shitakusa: Participants choose a pot and 3 plants including ground cover for their Kusamono. Soil, pots, plants, and moss are provided—everything you need to create a beautiful Kusamono. Participants should bring their own tools.
	Kusamono/Shitakusa
  • Kokedama:
    • Kusamono Moss Balls:These are fascinating arrangements planted inside a moss ball without a pot. In this workshop, participants receive soil, 3 plants with ground cover, wire, string, moss and a dish for display. When using bog plants, the dish becomes a water bowl. This is a messy but very fun workshop. It is recommended that participants wear an apron and bring their own tools.
Kusamono Moss Balls