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Organic Fertilizer

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Balanced (general use)
Balanced (general use)
A well balanced every day fertilizer for your bonsai.
Acidic (for acid lovers)
Acidic (for acid lovers)
Organic fertilizer for your acid loving plants.
Fruiting Blooming Fall
Fruiting Blooming Fall
Organic fertilizer for the fall, fruiting and blooming seasons.
Organic Tea
Organic Tea


About: TropicGreen Organic Fertilizer
Why Choose Organics?
Organics is Nature's way of feeding trees. It is not only best for your bonsai, but also for the environment.
When choosing fertilizer there are several things to consider:
  • Think about what happens to people on steroids. After a while, the steroids do more harm than good. Chemical fertilizers are much the same. In my opinion the popular grow fertilizers really push a tree beyond its natural growth. Chemical fertilizers also deposit a great deal of salts in the pot which can eventually hurt your tree. By choosing the correct formula organic fertilizer and using it at the correct time of year, the tree receives the correct nutrients at the correct. Rate. You can put your tree on a regiment that encourages the natural growth and health of your tree for many years to come.
  • All fertilizers should include Micronutrients usually referred to as Minors. These are the many other elements that ensure healthy growth. Our organics include Kelp Meal, Fishbone Meal, Worm Castings, and Azomite, all of which are high in trace minerals and micro-nutrients.

  • Don't let NPK fool you. Many believe the higher the number the better the fertilizer. NOT TRUE! Chemical fertilizer NPK numbers are boosted by fillers which the plant does not use and are washed away leaving harmful salts in the pot. It is not the number but the component that makes the number that counts. Organics usually have a much lower NPK but it is all used by the tree with no waster.

Cake and Granular



1 lb. & 2 lb.—Convenient, reusable, easy-grip plastic container



What's In It?

INGREDIENTS used to make our fertilizer vary in amounts and ingredient according to the TYPE of fertilizer.
Cottonseed Meal: Good source of nitrogen plus minors.
Kelp Meal: Contains macro and micro nutrients and trace elements. It helps break down other organics and make them available to plants.
Bone Meal: High in phosphorous. Increases plant vitality when blooming or fruiting.
Blood Meal: Very high nitrogen. Increases chlorophyll for greener plants.
Fishbone Meal: Provides phosphorous and calcium. High in trace elements. Beneficial for roots, buds, and blooms.
Green sand: Used sometimes instead of Kelp Meal. High in Potassium. It comes from sandy rock.
Worm Castings: In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it also includes trace elements and micro-nutrients, beneficial bacteria and natural chemicals and enzymes. It contains a chitinaze-enzyme that destroys insects' exo-skeleton. This makes it a natural pesticide. Its live beneficial bacteria help control bad bacteria and fungi.
Coffee Grounds: Great source of nitrogen. When used as fertilizer, coffee grounds create a natural acidic bacteria that boosts the growth of acid loving plants.
Epsom Salts: Contains 2 elements essential for plant growth, magnesium and sulfur. Magnesium helps form chlorophyll aiding photosynthesis. Sulfur helps activate plant proteins and enzymes needed for growth.
Azomite: A silica ore from volcanic eruption that contains over 70 trace minerals. It is used in organic fertilizers as a re-mineralizer for plants.
Liquid Seaweed: Contains the same benefits as Kelp Meal.
Fish Emulsion: High in nitrogen, it is shown to be a boost to root development.
Both Fish Emulsion and Liquid Seaweed, along with rain water, are used as the liquid to form TROPICGREEN Organic Fertilizer.
TROPICGREEN Balanced Organic Fertilizer

Contains: Cottonseed Meal, Bone Meal, Worm Castings, Kelp Meal, Epsom Salts, Azomite, Liquid Seaweed and Fish Emulsion.
TROPICGREEN Acid Organic Fertilizer

Contains: Cottonseed Meal, Bone Meal, Worm Castings, Blood Meal, Fish Emulsion, Liquid Seaweed, Epsom Salts, Azomite, Coffee Grounds.
TROPICGREEN *Fruiting/ Blooming/Fall Organic Fertilizer

Contains: Fish Bone Meal, Bone Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Fish Emulsion, Azomite, Kelp Meal, Epsom Salts, Worm Castings, Liquid Seaweed.
*It should be noted that this fertilizer is excellent for use on all plants in the fall of the year. It strengthens your trees for the winter and adds nutrients needed for bud and bloom production in the coming spring. Although I cannot name a month to begin use or stop all fertilizing because every zone has varying seasons, I find that most trees (even tropicals) begin to rest once night temperatures fall into the 40°F's consistently. I begin using this fertilizer when night temperatures fall into the mid to low 60°F's and continue use until night temperatures fall below 50°F. I then remove all fertilizer.

Refills: Don't Waste Your Container

When you reorder your fertilizer it comes in bags. Reuse your container and save money!

We encourage reusing your containers. Inside each jar is a $5 off coupon to use when you order a refill bag of your type of fertilizer. Simply mail in the coupon the first time you reorder. We will keep it on file and apply it to every future reorder.