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What is Kokedama?

Posted by Martha Goff on 2/10/2014

Another type of Kusamono is Kokedama or “Moss Balls.” Kokedama evolved from Nearai, which was a popular style during the Edo era in Japan. The bonsai was grown in a pot until it was totally root bound. It was removed from the pot and displayed on a stand. It would maintain its shape without the pot. From this, the moss covered ball shape developed with the plants added. The Kokedama can have one plant with special interest such as a bloomer or several plants that like the same growing conditions. They are often planted with 3 heights to represent heaven, man, and earth.




“Moss Balls”


Kokedama or moss balls are usually displayed with a dish to hold the ball shape and water. Other Kusamono or Shitakusa are usually displayed with a ceramic disc or wood slab. Containers for Kusamono and Shitakusa vary widely but rustic styles with varying glazes are favored.

Watering and fertilizing the Kokedama is an important part of maintaining the health of your planting. It is recommended that you use organic tea diluted correctly. Submerge the "Moss Ball" until it stops bubbling.

By Martha Goff

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